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Does foreigner in Taiwan need to renew their Taiwan Driver’s License?

taiwan drivers license

There are a lot of foreigners like me living in Taiwan or working in Taiwan wondering if they need to renew their driver’s license, at first I thought I don’t need to renew my license anymore because I heard that driver’s license here doesn’t have any expiration already but it doesn’t apply to me, why? I am not an APRC holder thus I still need to renew my driver’s license. Who are those doesn’t need to renew their driver’s license? Well.. those doesn’t need to are foreigners who have Taiwan I.D. and those who are APRC holders.

It is easy to renew driver’s license here in Taiwan, just go to the nearest Motor Vehicle Office and bring your expired license or about to expire license. Bring 2×2 picture and if you don’t have any picture don’t worry about it there is foto-me machine in some Motor Vehicle Office or outside of the Motor Vehicle Office there are a lot of stores offering rush id picture service. If you have 2 driver’s license (car & motorcycle) you need 2 pictures, renewal of driver’s license will cost you NT$200 per license so if you have two you need to pay NT$400. It only took me under 30 minutes to renew both of my license and I also updated my vehicle registration information. That’s all! Ciao!

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