35th Months Wedding Anniversary

our wedding

Today is our 2 years and 11 months wedding anniversary. Days goes by so quickly in a blink of an eye, 1 more month and we’re 3 years married! Our anniversary reminds me that there is someone who Loves me, Support me, Understands me, Caress me, Take care of me, Stand by me 364 days in a year! How lucky can I get? I just wish and pray for our family’s good health and nothing more.
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Orientation at ASE

I’ve been in ASE (a semiconductor company here in Taiwan) for around a month already to assist to translate for the so called education & training for Process Engineers. It was supposed to last for 15 days only but their trainers were too busy (I think) and most of the time can’t come, that’s the reason the schedule was delayed.
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