Low carbs and intermittent fasting

I have tried different method on how to loose weight but the most useful and helped a lot is by low carbs and intermittent fasting. I used to workout whenever I feel like to loose weight by doing P90 exercises but due to my work now going home late daily I can’t workout.
I tried chinese medicine for a week and it did help but it costs some money until my cousin introduced me to low carbs diet and joined the Facebook group LCIF Philippines.
Here is a guide but it is in mixed tagalog and english and credit goes to the owner of this guide

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My first ride with Yamaha Majesty Group Taiwan

It’s been 2 years since i bought my second hand Yamaha Majesty 125 and joined MSPEED group in Facebook which is Taiwan Yamaha Majesty group. I’ve always wanted to join their yearly ride to snow mountain but i am not confident with the condition of my ride. This year i decided to join the said event and replaced some old parts of my ride. I did enjoy the ride though i am quite nervous that i might not reach the top but my ride made it though it is having a hard time while going up the hill.

Looking forward to join next year’s ride again! 
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