How to connect to PLDT HOME FIBER default wifi

My wife, brother and sister often ask me how to connect to the internet of our “kapit bahay” whenever they are visiting our house in Sta. Rosa, here is a way on how to connect to your neighbor’s PLDT HOME FIBER.

Use the below HEX code/MAC TABLE

0 = f

1 = e

2 = d

3 = c

4 = b

5 = a

6 = 9

7 = 8

8 = 7

9 = 6

a = 5

b = 4

c = 3

d =2

e = 1

f = 0

For example your “kapit bahay” wifi SSID is PLDTHOMEFIBR_032c12 then use the above code to get the password

0 = f

3 = c

2 = d

c = 3

1  = e

2 = d

The password will be “wlan + mac/hex code” which is  = wlanfcd3ed

My post is for educational purpose only, if you guys are still using the default password of your PLDT FIBER please do change your password immediately to avoid being used by your “kapit bahay” that doesn’t have internet connection 🙂


How to change currency on your Google Play

google wallet

I guess you guys are searching for an answer on how to change currency or country on your google play because you there are apps that you would like to download from where you are right now and can’t download it. What you need to do is just sign-in to your Google Wallet and change your credit/debit card address to your current country, try to purchase an app but your don’t need to click buy. It may take few hours to change and if it still didn’t change try to restart your phone or clear data and cache of your Google Play from the apps settings, I tried it and it works. I hope this helps! Ciao!

WordPress page slow loading problem resolved

slow loadingI was having trouble this morning when I navigated to my blog post page, my blog page loaded in almost 30 secs. which is very unacceptable. I took a look on my plugins and tried disabling some of my plugin that might cause the slow loading of my page but no luck at all. View full story →

Internet service providers in Binan Laguna

ispMaybe some of you have read my post about internet service provider (Intelco) in Binan, Until this day we the people of Binan are still looking for an stable and affordable internet service providers. I have tried almost all of the options for internet in Binan that includes buying an LTE router with antenna and tried globe and smart sims, in San Antonio I can’t get a decent 4G signal for both network unlike in South City Homes. Yes it works in South City Homes but the problem is the data capping of these networks and the speed…ahhh..I think all of you know how fast they are..right? View full story →

Quick Recipe: Sate Beef with spinach

sate beef with spinach

Since I am alone in my dormitory and also I am in a tight budget. I always cook for myself specially on weekend so that I can lessen my monthly expenses. What I have cooked today is sate or satay beef with a little bit of spinach. I seldom cook foods that’s going to take time because I am very hungry when I got back from work. View full story →

Namecheap shared hosting review

namecheap-hdRecently I transferred from hostmetro which have hosted my site for 3 years, it’s sad to go but due to my tight budget nowadays I needed to find a much cheaper host but reliable. I heave read a lot of good reviews about namecheap and my domain were also registered with namecheap for 3 years already. So why did I choose Namecheap? The reason why I chose Namecheap is because of their initial charge is affordable which is $9.88 for the 1st year but the downside is their quite pricey renewal price which is $38.88. View full story →

Fixing my old laptop cooling fan – ASUS N51VF


After I have arrived here in Taiwan, I have used my laptop as means of my entertainment to get rid of boredom during my rest days. I don’t usually go out unless there is money in my pocket or I need to buy something. While using my old laptop which I bought 6 years ago I noticed that there is a weird sound coming from my laptop and at first I didn’t mind it at all and continue using it but as time goes by the sound is getting louder and it is very irritating. View full story →

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